Media Center

Students in the media center

Welcome to the English Landing Library!

We are open beginning at 8:20 for all grade levels for open check out and during regular school hours each day. Kindergarten , 1st grade, 2nd grade, and 5th graders visit the library for class instruction in a regular rotation for instruction and book checkout. Additional visits for all students are welcome with the permission of the classroom teacher.

Our collection includes fiction and non-fiction print, ebooks and periodicals. Our library catalog is online and accessible from the 5 desktop terminals and 12 laptops located in the library and from home as well.  We have 9 iPads, and a 3D printer. To access our online database from home, users should log onto the Online Media Centers at the district homepage.

Our Media Center has a fully functioning Makerspace. A Makerspace is a learning environment rich with possibilities. Makerspaces come in all shapes and sizes and are full of tools and resources.  Makerspaces serve as a gathering point to engage students with tools to engage learners, promote critical thinking, and intensify problem solving skills.  We have grown our space over the last few years, and are excited for the addition of:  robotics, snap circuits, 3D printing, iPads, Makey Makey, a large lego table, and lots of other materials to promote innovative thinkers.

The goal of the library is to encourage students to think bigger, broader, and deeper about thier own reading and research. Their reading and research will lead them into an amazing journey through STEM education utilizing our Makerspace. In this way, we support the mission of English Landing Elementary; for all students to learn, grow and experience success.​​

The library is continually partnering with teachers to best meet the needs of all students; utilizing technology resources, print sources, and aligning lessons with current International Society for Technology in Education (ITSE) national standards.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me at